Rejected Naz16 is a Modder/Bad Moderator? Help?

Discussion in 'Rejected' started by Lyracorn, Aug 11, 2015.

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  1. So I was playing on PVP1 & there was this guy named Naz16. He killed 4 of my friends, but when they respawned, [100 times with Ace, several hundred times with Maplestrike, and a few times with snipers.] He had no health items, threw "infinite grenades", and kept disappearing & reappearing with full health. He threw at least 200 grenades. (Keep in mind, all shots were to the head, but not fatal.) was supposedly kicked after Naz16 killed him. This is uncertain, but I'm not sure if he would lie about something like that.

    My friend DeatRock [] was banned for asking why his friend; Serbmaggedon [] was kicked. He is now banned from all servers for no reason. No attempts to cheat, no exploitation, and no modding.

    I believe Naz16 is a corrupt Moderator/Modder.
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  3. I'm sorry to hear that. We do tend to have this happen some times
  4. Umm Naz can't ban. She is not a moderator. She is a probie she only gets spasific commands. So I doubt she banned him. She could have kicked him but chances are low. Your friend was banned for 1 hour not permently.
  5. This banned request is invalid. We have logs of all commands and server activity and have checked those for Naz16's name. Their is no evidence of her killing you in god mode, nor can she even spawn grenades (she can only buy them; which would take lots of in-game currency). If you would like a log, I need to check with my superior to see if I may pass you the logs on Naz16. But, otherwise your report is not enough to warrant any type of ban.

    Thank you,

    Keith B.
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