Rejected Naz16 bein a beeep

Discussion in 'Rejected' started by Ronaldo, Sep 19, 2015.

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  2. Your picture dont work
  3. Right click em then hit open link in new tab
  4. Listen ronaldo, i can say what i want on MY servers, freedom of speech if it wasn't on justplayhere than its between me and you and if you dont like me dont come on my servers to troll me :D Me and my best friends hang on that server, you were put on timeout for poking me with a disrespectful comment you made, oh also you got banned for using 3rd party mods on my servers....not allowed. Neither is it on justplayhere so dont even try. ALSO blocked you on steam so i recommend you leave me alone.
  5. You are correct that Mia's actions were not professional but abusing staff is not a good thing and you have been let off lightly. I suggest that you don't use 3rd party which you have been known for and that you respect staff and not abuse them.

    In the future if you require a staff member poke them once and they should join you channel or the will open a chat window with you. Poke spamming is not only annoying but will not help your situation. the timeout method was a logical tactic to stop you from poking.

    If this happens to another staff member they might not act so lightly on you and may issue a ban against you for disrespecting staff so please be nice to staff and give them the respect that they deserve.
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