My entire base is gone.

Discussion in 'Support' started by ForeverAGhost, Feb 22, 2017.

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    Hello, sometime today my entire base was either removed, or someone took the time to destroy everything. There is no sign left saying staff cleared it. I just want to know if staff removed it, or not. The server it was on was pv3. There were no violations that I know of.

    EDIT: This would have been the 6th or 7th time being raided since I've began playing, which hasn't been very long..Yesterday about half of my house was blown up. Today it's completely gone. After talking with some other players, it seems other's have also been raided extensively. Please try to keep a better watch on pve3, I am the only person in my group who has not completely quit this server due to the constant raiding. I don't want to have to keep convincing them to get back on after being raided time and time again.
    Another edit: If my base was removed by staff, the only reason i could think of is because of how close it was to the military base. I was a bit worried when i first started making my base, but before I ever finished it I asked a Jr. Mod who was online if it was too close and he told me it wasn't, stating that it would only be considered too close if it was in range of zombies wanting to attack it. They worded it differently but that was my understanding of it.
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  2. If your base was damaged and appeared abandoned it may have been cleared by staff. Leaving a sign is not a requirement. If it was recenlty raided but had at least two of the following: Claim Flag, metal sign listing all occupants, claimed bed, we usually post a sign and give 24 hours to repair the base.

    We have no Jr. Moderators on staff.

    Build small and out of the way. Keep minimal items in the base. It's a game of survival after all. Nelson will not remove certain aspects of gameplay from PvE.
  3. Advice, quit playing on JPH servers for PVE... When you invest a lot of time and get raided all the time and no one can do anything, it just says a lot about these servers. "We are watching you" is a joke, the blind cannot see. I understand having a job but if you decide to run something, run it well or not at all, when I started, my server PVE8 had tons of players, now a days, no one, just those who raid. I have built 5-6 bases already all were raided, the latest a sky base, the guy had to alteast take 20-30 mins to build up there, yet no one saw or cares. Now they have balls to tell you that if you get raided you have 24 hours to get it repaired. But buying a kit takes months cause they have a "job". So do alot of us, yet we only have 24 hours to rebuilt everything.... Other servers have Vaults or wrecking balls (not sure of the name) to protect PVE servers which are easily implemented. If you wish to continue on PVE servers, not here
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  4. OK Kevin. Two posts, same content, two different threads. If you don't like JPH, leave. Spamming out forums will not go over well for you. Every issue you complained about has been called to Cory's attention as HE is the ONLY one who can activate kits, implement wrecking ball, see the server logs for it (other staff can't) and update the shop.

    PM'ing him would be much better than spamming posts.

    By the way: I'm on almost every day. I have yet to see a single formal complaint or screenshot from you detailing any griefing.
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