(maybe)i think i found the raider of pve 1

Discussion in 'Support' started by protocolx27, Oct 15, 2017.

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  1. i was like in a normal day and a guy connect,
    wait im going to begin whit the story of one raid of my bases,i loged on the server and my base has no glass and i found all raided, and the raider just left a clue and is the next,he left a bowtie in a mannequin soo here are like 3 months later when i found he in the server and he just confessed he was,here the evidence

    PD:he say he want to give me a matamorez but i didn't accept it,/and the confession are on the chat

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  2. i forgot to say the order its 4,3,1,2
  3. PM the position of the base to me so I can inspect the mannequin.
  4. i forgot the position, and the base was erase, but give me two days to find the position cause i dont have photos of it
  5. here are the positions i know of my destroyed bases

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  6. I was hoping more for the results of /position of the mannequin.

    Please pick one group and stay with it.Your current base is made of parts where you ahve been in at least three groups.

    Exploiting the grouping mechanism/group-hopping will not be tolerated. Group-hopping also opens up the possibility that someone who should have access to the base gets locked out when you change groups. If you have access to more than one base as a result of changing groups then all bases involved can be cleared by the DemoTeam.

    AceMontano1 also needs to be listed on your current base sign.
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  7. Yea i listed him and changed the claim flag
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