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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by I`m Running on Win 98, Dec 19, 2017.

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  1. So you wreck the vehicle of my friend and frame me just to get rid of me?
    well i see that was long time ago.. but i didn't see it as i lost interest in playing in a community with abusive staff members.

    Please Pete learn how to control your temper
    also about the boat thingy, one of your staff members already did a checkowner on the boat.
    Also have you ever heard of a warning? i guess this should be a policy, any staff should warn before they act.
    Get your facts straight, work on self-control
    Anyways i'm not here to hate, i was just checking something
    Have fun with your life and don't let anger ruin it ! ^_^
    P.S. (I've found myself another network with friendly staff where i quickly became an admin there.) Capture.PNG
  2. Our staff do a great job, they punish those who break our rules, you may disagree all you want but the fact is you broke our rules so you were punished and removed as a candidate since we do not hire those who desire to break our rules.
  3. You were caught griefing and punished for it. Go check the punishment chart: We do not warn for Severity 4 and higher offenses. The correct course of action is immediate removal from the servers.
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