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  1. Hey everyone,

    In the last few weeks, We have been having a lot of issues on the Unturned Servers that are causing way too many problems.

    Back in September, we had a poll in regards to map resetting and we planned to do it every 6 months and while the timeline from our point of view works. We simply just let it slide and see how things were going and now it’s going on a little over 8 Months since the last reset.

    Well, it’s time for another reset to fix these many problems we are having in the maps. What does this mean for you?

    • A fresh new map.
    • Your inventory will be deleted.
    • You will not loose your in-game money.
    • We’ll be providing a one-time credit of 5,000 Bits to your current balance.

    Are you going to be providing a Base Credit?
    While, we like too. Hardly, anyone filled it out last time. Therefore, we do it case by case basis.

    *Any bases or structures you wish to be compensated for, please have sufficient evidence that easily identifies a structure as your own*

    Unturned Changes

    Since we’ll be planning a map reset. We’ll also be doing some plugin cleaning and changes to provide our server with more up to date plugins that will make our server even more fun!

    What kind of plugins?

    We’ll be removing about 11 plugins and replacing it with one plugin! One easy to use, simple, and easily accessible plugin!. Basically, a community member interested in developing brought to life a single plugin to convert cluttered servers into organized places and has created an all-in-one plugin with every basic essential thing we use for Unturned. This is an alternative to our 11 essential plugins we are running right now.

    We’ll be adding a new plugin that will introduce the following:
    • Kits
    • Vehicle Ownership
    • Income
    • Shop
    • Auction
    • Auto Item Loading System

    The Kits and Income plugins may or may not be introduced alongside our reset.

    The most exciting feature is Vehicle Ownership! What can you do with Vehicle Ownership?

    Well, simply you can own a car without someone stealing it. If you purchase a license for your vehicle and someone tries to get in, it will automatically kick them out of the car. Cool huh?

    Don’t worry, don’t have money for a license? You can still drive vehicles without a license. However, the car griefing rule will change as we will not be responsible for any damage to an unlicensed vehicle. However, a licensed car that gets blown up by another person will be respawned. However, if you destroy it, it’s gone forever!

    Want someone else to drive your vehicle? Well, just give them a key. :) This will give them permission to enter your car and drive it.

    Ran out of gas? There’s a command to refuel your tank by a little percentage or a full tank for a fee. Guess what? We control the multiplier. Therefore, we can change the gas prices anytime we want! However, as I mentioned you can fill it up 10% and this can get you to the nearest gas pump and you can fill a gas can free-of-charge.

    Need to repair your vehicle? There’s a command to repair your vehicle!

    This is a few many things, we’ll be implementing.

    Map Changes

    As of now, we have 18 survival maps up and running for your guys to enjoy at your leisure. These maps, however, have earned their stripes and are not in high demand. Maps made by you guys will hopefully be implemented in place of 4 PEI servers. (2 for PvE and 2 for PvP). Publicly submitted maps may be selected and added for you guys to enjoy for hours on hours :). Due to the thousands of maps made by the community they are subject to change upon dislike or once they earn their stripes in our thriving community.

    • PvE
      • 4 x PEI
      • 2 x Yukon
      • 2 x Washington
    • PvP
      • 4 x PEI
      • 2 x Yukon
      • 2 x Washington
    • Arena
      • 2 x PEI Arena
      • 2 x Monolith
      • 2 x Alpha Valley
      • 2 x Washington Arena

    If you don’t know, we actually introduced Arena servers when they first came out. It’s basically, “Survival Games” with guns and vehicles! This has been a trial phase. However, at this point, we’re not going to remove them from our lineup, although we may do some map changes to the least favorite ones.

    As of 4/25/2016 - We have added 2 x Washington Arena


    They will be introduced to the network in full force by the time our update drops.

    Unturned Bugs Fixed

    When we migrated over to new servers and purchased dedicated IPs to optimize the ability to connect to our servers. We specifically purchased simpler server addresses to eliminate any confusion whilst connecting. However, there has been a bug where anything over 20 characters would prevent you from joining the server. It wasn’t really a bug, it was more fixed and a concern because people who directly connected to specific servers with certain names couldn’t join because of the limitation.

    After planes and helicopters were introduced, I tweeted Nelson and said, “You can add planes and helicopters. However, cannot fix the direct to connect bug?” After a few weeks have passed, it was fixed. I’ve e-mailed, tweeted about this concern and it bugged me as I’ve invested into dedicated IPs for this purpose! Anyway, it’s all fixed and you can now join! All of the servers below are easily joinable through our stats page as linked below!
    • PvE
      • pve1.ut.justplayhere.com (PEI)
      • pve2.ut.justplayhere.com (PEI)
      • pve3.ut.justplayhere.com (PEI)
      • pve4.ut.justplayhere.com (PEI)
      • pve5.ut.justplayhere.com (Yukon)
      • pve6.ut.justplayhere.com (Yukon)
      • pve7.ut.justplayhere.com (Washington)
      • pve8.ut.justplayhere.com (Washington)
    • PvP
      • pvp1.ut.justplayhere.com (PEI)
      • pvp2.ut.justplayhere.com (PEI)
      • pvp3.ut.justplayhere.com (PEI)
      • pvp4.ut.justplayhere.com (PEI)
      • pvp5.ut.justplayhere.com (Yukon)
      • pvp6.ut.justplayhere.com (Yukon)
      • pvp7.ut.justplayhere.com (Washington)
      • pvp8.ut.justplayhere.com (Washington)
    • Arena
      • arena1.ut.justplayhere.com (PEI Arena)
      • arena2.ut.justplayhere.com (PEI Arena)
      • arena3.ut.justplayhere.com (Monolith)
      • arena4.ut.justplayhere.com (Monolith)
      • arena5.ut.justplayhere.com (Alpha Valley)
      • arena6.ut.justplayhere.com (Alpha Valley)
      • arena7.ut.justplayhere.com (Washington Arena)
      • arena8.ut.justplayhere.com (Washington Arena)

    Status Page
    Seems like nobody, really knows we have a status page. You can check our live loading page over here at the following address.


    Rule Changes

    As stated above our rule on griefing cars will be changing to accompany our new license plugin.
    Our rules page with be adjusted accordingly by the time we make our changes.

    Possibly a few more once we getting everything ironed out.

    Make sure you stay current with our rules at:


    Minecraft Server

    Everyone wants to know, is a Minecraft server coming? Well, yeah. However, we’re going to Unturned stable first and we’ll write a special post about this. It is in our best interest that we stabilize Unturned before branching out and setting new boundaries.

    The Sr. Staff and most of our Staff reside to TeamSpeak for a given amount of time all week long. TeamSpeak is a free, hassles, and safe way to communicate via voice with us to optimize your satisfaction. To download TeamSpeak please click the following link and choose the proper application for your computer.


    Unable to and/or are restricted from downloading TeamSpeak. We are also very active on our forums, In the game, and will possibly be adding a Discord to maximize our amount of communication throughout the network.

    TeamSpeak IP: justplayhere.com
    Discordapp: https://discord.me/justplayhere
    This will NOT be used for support.


    We’ll be updating the shop with new things like Fuel and Water reserves, Tank Traps, etc.

    Side Notes
    Interested in becoming one of our elite members of staff?

    As you’ve likely seen in the game, we are looking for staff that is willing to assist in helping cleanse our servers of whatever dwells in the dark side of the internet. Apply by submitting an application right here on our forums.

    Comment any Questions, Concerns, or Problems you may have with our update below and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

    When is the reset going to happen?

    Well, sooner than later. We’ll be resetting the maps on May 1st. Two of PEI from PvE and PvP will be removed from the list to be reserved for the new community maps.

    Start recommending maps! We’ll likely choose 4 different maps for the slots that are reserved. If some maps are NOT that popular or don’t get enough submissions, the same map will be used on both reserved slots for PvE and PvP.

    There could be a great map for PvE and we can use the same map twice. The same goes for PvP. Keep in mind, the next reset won’t likely happen from 6 months from now and hopefully we have ironed out the Demo Team.
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    I have a 3x3x3 fully metal skybase. 27 metal roofs, 3 jail doors, 25-ish metal walls, 50-ish metal pillars and 8 lockers. I currently do not have any way to prove that I own the base, other than my bed, and my group and I being able to remove walls and such. Unfortunately, I am on a family trip in China currently, and cannot access unturned for the next week. The total cost of the items mentioned (27 roofs, 3 jail doors, 3 metal doorways, 25 metal walls, 40 metal pillars, 8 lockers) is 5400+600+600+5000+8000+2560=22160 bits. This total is a little bit outrageous, so i trust the staff and Cory to revaluate the base in question and carry out the decisions needed. The base is on pve1, and can be found by going to taylor beach, moving southwest, and looking up. It will be visible by an area with a sign labled (the HotDog pillars) or something of the sort (used to be the tower i made to build the base in the first place untill i removed the stairs. There is an airplane landing strip if anyone wants to visit! :p
  3. The ppl in my group that can verify that its my base are D34M and connorjames818. They also have beds in the base. My bed is the one on the very inside, and the room has 2 planters with a sign describing the berries that restore 20 hunger and thirst.
  4. Either myself or another member of staff will need to check ownership. We can usually be found on TeamSpeak. Your whole team won't be necessary, just tell a member of your group to give one of us a poke when they're ready.

  5. Cory said the owner of the base will need to provide screenshots and only the owner will be compensated, no matter how many other occupants are in the base, to avoid multiple payouts. The last time this was done there was a form provided on the forums for submission. I think that will happen again.
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  6. I know about all the screenshot stuff and that only the owner (me) will be compensated, but I don't have screenshots and cannot get screenshots because of the great firewall of China. Is there any other way than the stuff I already mentioned to prove that the base is mine? Other ppl have met me in unturned and they've seen me tp up there to my bed.
  7. You will definitely have to get online and get with a staff member before the reset.
  8. Ah that sucks. I won't be able to make it. 20k bits down the drain :(
  9. so this server reset happens pretty much tomorrow? do we get bit refunds for our bases? or the demo team just clearing out unused bases?
  10. Personally contact me with proper proof of you base and I'll refund you on my own regards.
  11. Question, if I get my steam friend to take the screenshots proving that I own the base, would that be acceptable?
  12. I have a question about the plugins and fixs for them. Will the tpa command finally be fixed because as a player i was never able to use it but under /p it said it was there.
  13. Farewell JPH.
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  14. /tpa was never broken, it was turned off.
  15. i started a convo with you, confirm whenever convenient
  16. Will we spawn where we logged out last?
  17. Finally cory you got some sense into you
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  18. awesome ^_^
  19. Wtf is /hitman? Do we place a bounty on someone's head or something?
  20. Hitman: Yes. Doubt you'll see that on the PvE servers.
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