Rejected King of killers not banned (Not sure if i post this here)

Discussion in 'Rejected' started by Frosty, Nov 20, 2015.

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  1. King of killers was meant to be banned from sammys post, but i found him online on PvE3 and as i drove by he shot at my car and blew it up.

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  2. you had it right the first time XD. I was the one who accepted the ban request but could not find him on steam to get his Steam ID 64 which is what I need to ban him. I did spend an hour looking through all the names but still didn't find him and there was nothing else that I could do sorry
  3. -=БанаН(аC)=- Is his steam name
  4. is he ingame at the moment
  5. I'm not sure, i logged out to make this then the game did a quick update and the server hasn't updated yet.
  6. I have found his profile now I have to wait till he comes back online as our banning plugin is bugged
  7. Ok thanks for your help
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