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Should be be banned?

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  1. A player named Mines Bigger raided me & my 2 friends base floating 5 walls up in the sky above the ocean at least 6 floors out from the water line has managed to make a bridge, build stairs, and then go to destroy all of our hard work. I have photographic evidence of how he got on and a player saying he witnessed them working on going up into the base. I mean, every 5 minutes it says griefing is against the rules as a message and he broke it. I was offline at the time and as were my friends but someone that is in chat told me they saw it and this guy has been known to raid people & destroy cars, these are the only screenshots I took in time sadly. I hope this is enough info to go by to ban him.
    2015-08-24_00009.jpg 2015-08-24_00001.jpg 2015-08-24_00003.jpg 2015-08-24_00002.jpg 2015-08-24_00005.jpg 2015-08-24_00004.jpg 2015-08-24_00007.jpg 2015-08-24_00006.jpg 2015-08-24_00008.jpg
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