I need some help about some unspecified rules

Discussion in 'Support' started by Marshdex, Feb 22, 2017.

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  1. *Do the libraries count as storage/container?or they have an extra limit?
    *I have a plane and i cant put a sign that marks im its owner. what should i do?
    *I dont want to lag the server so i have a medium size base ang i cannot land my plane there. I can leave it in liberator?
    *How many sentries i can have in my base,i have 8 lockers and 2 sentries; its that ok?
    Sorry, i couldnt find that specifications.

    Thank you I love play in your servers
    Keep going like that
  2. 1. Libraries does not count as storage sincethe can not storage any items. Anything that says "storage" on it is counted as storage.
    2. Find out why you can't put it there, you should be able to. If you still can't nobody should steal it since it's locked.
    3. The base size limit is 20 cubics. Leaving any vehicle at the liberator or in the safezone will be removed by staff, it's a public area, not a parking lot.
    4. 8 lockers/wardrobes and 2 sentries are fine, if it ain't a pvp server, then there is no point in having sentrys. And yes, sentries do count as storage.

    - MineJolle
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  3. Thanks mine i owe you one :D have a nice day
  4. One correction: Locked vehicles without signs are to be unlocked or cleared by staff. We've had players do nothing but purposely lock vehicles to deprive others of the use of said vehicles. The metal sign is the only true way to claim a vehicle, locked or unlocked doesn't matter. No different than marking one's base.
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