i got banned for no reason

Discussion in 'General' started by daddabob12, Mar 10, 2018.

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  1. i got banned because i chatted with a mod ....is that normal?? could i get my ban removed please?
  2. Please make a ban appeal.
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  3. As a reminder you were banned for being disrespectful towards a staff member by excessively cursing at them because they didn’t answer you due to the fact they had an important phone call in real life.
  4. @daddabob12:

    1st ban: 19 Nov 2017: Vehicle hoarding, cursing and disrespecting staff. First ban, one day.
    2nd ban: 30 Nov 2017: Continued vehicle hoarding and add-on griefing. Second ban, seven days.
    3rd ban: 26 Dec 2017: Oversized base, seven vehicles, ignoring server rules and staff, cursing out staff. Third ban, permanent.

    Those violations are far from "chatted with a mod".

    At any time you could have simply followed the instructions given to you by staff or, more importantly, followed the rules as posted here on the forums. You ignored the rules which attracted attention to yourself. You ignored staff when they told you of the violations and how to correct them and then you cursed out staff not once but on two separate occasions.

    You had two opportunities to straighten up and fly right but instead you returned to the servers, did what you wanted to do as far as ignoring rules meant to keep the servers playable, and purposely refused to comply with staff requests.

    There is a place on the forums for ban appeals. If your appeal isn't important enough for you to post in the proper area then we can not give you any further consideration.
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