How Long Does it Takes for Someone to be Whitelisted to the Unturned Server

Discussion in 'Support' started by Bardia, Oct 25, 2014.

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  1. Hi I recently applied for a whitelist on the unturned server and I wanted to know if it's possible for someone to give me a rough estimate on how long it takes to be rejected to approved. Thank you.
  2. It usually does not take that long. We are trying to whitelist everyone as fast as we can.
  3. I tried doing the math to figure out how long it actually took for the staff the Whitelist me, but reading the post dates it seemed as though they'd Whitelisted me before I'd actually made the request, which didn't make sense.

    Anyway... from what I recall, it took less than 24 hours.
  4. DO any of you think you can vouch for me whatever that means cause the owner denied me but left no reason so I don't know if it's my application or something I said in it or if it's just bad luck so I would really like it if someone could vouch for me. Thanks.
  5. I don't see why you can't ask for someone to vouch for you, but really you'd need someone who's played with you enough to know if they actually can vouch for you. If there's anyone already whitelisted and trusted who you also know, perhaps you can ask them to do so.
  6. So can you please vouch for me please? If I do something bad which I won't I'll get banned anyways. I've never killed a single player in multiplayer at all.
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