Horde Beacon is prohibited in Seattle( Washington)??

Discussion in 'General' started by Nuclearer, Aug 18, 2017.

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  1. Once we(me and other players) decided to start a horde in Seattle as we did before many times, but we suddenly found that area is claimed around couple of buildings. We thought that some troll had put claim flags ,so we found one and destroyed, talking about that in chat. Then we started horde. All this time PistolPete was on server (PvE8). At the middle of horde then we lost ammo and medicines PistolPete broke horde and asked who destoyed flag. Nobody answered being afraid to get banned. He said that destoying staff flags is now appreciated and we shouln't break things that aren't ours. Then he said that "building or attaching to permanent structures is prohibited". Seriously?? Placing a horde beacon is "attaching"?
    Tell me if i'm not right, https://justplayhere.com/wiki/rules/ does not have any information about:
    1. Places where we can't put horde
    2. Any information about existence of staff's claim flags
    3. Text that prohibits destroying structures that hinders playing.
    The only thing i found is prohibit of "destroying bases". But we know that bases in city areas are prohibited and one claim flag is not a base. We didn't know that we do wrong things, because there are no rules about that situation.

    So we lost horde,ammo, medicines because....because what? We did something against rules?? We didn't know and we couldn't !! What did we do wrong to loose all that?
    Or should we write here about claimed area in Seattle, wait for answer and just then continue playing and placing horde somewhere else? Then it would be a very confortable playing.
    About "destroing that's not yours". The anti-grief mod is not working here just to make players able to handle themselves the problems with barricades that hinder. So we did the thing, we destroyed claim flag what didn't allowed to place horde. And we placed horde. PistolPete called that "attaching to permanent structures". This statement is going kinda crazy. Btw we couldn't place horde on ground too, because area was claimed there.

    I ask for explanation of that kind of "made on the go" rules". Why can't we find that rules? Why we were punished in that way?

    I'm sorry for grammar mistakes here if present

  2. Building on permanent structures is prohibited per the rules. How did you get the beacon up there? Pipes and plates, both prohibited.

    JPH server rules are right here under the General tab. It's the sticky at the top of the posts that you choose to ignore.
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