Rejected Griefing and Harrassment

Discussion in 'Rejected' started by Operation GTFO, Jun 27, 2015.

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  1. On Saturday, June 27th at around 8PM EST, The Bomba went to 240sxheaven's base (that is also mine and Squid Please's base) and tried to break the entrance of our base. When we confronted him, he continuously ignored us and attempted to break the wall down, and occasionally said some remarks like, "Hold on I'm trying to break into this guy's base." and, "I just want to see whats inside"

    After a very long talk with him for about 40 minutes, I convinced him to go away after telling him we will talk to him from time to time on global chat after he said he was "Lonely"

    Not even 2 minutes later, he came back and went back to the entrance of our base. After a couple minutes of telling him to put up his end of the deal, 240sxheaven had to get off for a couple minutes and during that time, The Bomba threw a grenade at the entrance of our base, destroying a metal wall.

    Afterwards, me and Squid Please destroyed the stairs leading to the entrance preventing him from destroying anything else. The Bomba then continued to throw grenades until he realized they didn't reach the base anymore. Realizing he would most likely get reported for this, The Bomba then dropped alot of civilian ammo and scrap metal as some sort of "sorry"

    At 9:24 PM EST he also took our group car and parked it nose to nose with another vehicle, blowing it up with a grenade.

    [Side note: 240sxheaven has the first 10 minutes of the harrassment on video before The Boxmba threw the grenade.]
  2. Okay, post the video, and I'll review it. Which server was it on?
  3. Heres the video 240sxheaven recorded:
  4. Its PEI server 1 Btw
  5. On a side note, stay away from him, don't interact with him
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