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Discussion in 'Support' started by Laggy, Mar 8, 2017.

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    Just got raided in pve9 around 3-4 pm and i only saw 2 people who were online. Experienced griefer, took him/her very little time to blow up the frame and got in and blowed up all 10 lockers alone with all the beds.
    Knew he/she was experienced before i was just in my base around 2 ish and everything was fine.
    Not too much was lost, since most of the stuff that were in the house were unsellable, but they did get 2 missiles and a few rockets.(group was looking for tank and rocket launcher and still cant find any) only saw 2 people online during the time but dont have proof of them doing it.
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  2. Ever think of PM'ing the names of those two players to staff?
  3. well no need, just got raided again. just put the walls and crates back up with nothing and still got blown up. Start getting annoyed by griefers.
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  4. "Well no need" yes there is a need otherwise we don't know who is doing it.
  5. One of the person's name starts with track@, and its a very long name i can't remember the whole thing. And I haven't sen that person logged in ever since(he was in the server for 2 days with a storage unit on his car). My group is going to try catching the griefer.
  6. track66zolika?
  7. theres some symbols i believe and i havent seen that name on that server since my base was raided.
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