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Should these people be banned

  1. Yes, griefers don't deserve be on the server.

  2. No, they should get a 2nd chance but must restore everything back in order.

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  1. So I logged on this morning (8/3/15) and I fall out of my metal base to see pillars and when I land on my main base the birch one I find zachjso and ninjaskyler (excuse my use of language in the images, sorry) and they say they thought this was an abandoned base when it clearly had a bedroll in the metal base which I couldnt /home to because it was destroyed and then comes the big words and this happened U would say 5-8 AM when I was still sleeping. Basically they griefed me long story short took my guns and even my rocket launcher with rockets and they broke my base and tried to play it off. They also said they were in a group of 4 here so there were apparently 4 people in on griefing and stealing my loot my base. I also have some pictures of the aftermath of my base. This happened on PVE3.

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  2. I have followed zachjso earlier today and found that he planned on raiding a base over water. admitting to going to raid, before voice chatting with another player 'Spawn' about how he would not be banned without picture evidence, Though they quit what they were doing when they noticed Xaedra was on.

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  3. ya he didnt just destroy it but he took all my loot and he said that his plan is almost complete... 2015-08-03_00024.jpg
  4. Hey sorry to hear that but this is some good proof we should ban theses guys anyways I have a question how many rockets where stolen because this is important if those guys have alot tat server will be sightly destroyed
  5. srry but i dont respond to ppl i dont know especially if u just registered today..
  6. This proof was enought and I caught them raiding another base. They have been banned good day to you.
  7. Me raiding another base hahaha funny sporty did you know i built that base for rose and kat.,,refix the base spending 6k bits for 3x and u ban me for griefing my own stairs nicely done sporty what a great moderator u are..,
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    thx sporty

    EDIT: oh so you go under another username now and you tried to apply for staff when you only registered a account yesterday and you were banned for griefing several bases
    As if you thought you could get staff after all the guilt piled on you...

    Oh and if you think changing your username name would help you get away I already have your steam profile link. "Ask 1st before banning"? Think twice before you do something because I can pull strings that bring people a living hell.
  9. Hahaha funny curse one and spawn is my two names..,i play with the names all day.,,the wrong part is what you said that i grief several.,.,ask them if i grief the owner of the base.,.ask roselle and kat2wonderland ask them what i did to there base.,.yea im applying for the staff coz i like helping so whats ur problem about that.,sporty saw me destroying a stairs he didnt know that i build the stairs so i could make a base over that base..,sporty just said spawn thats not ur base i said yea its rose then boom ban wtf..
  10. Dont worry im not going back there anyway.,,there are many servers to join,,,just one favor tomadachi can you tell the guys silent derick ghost roselle kat2wonderland and ninja ,,its nice playing with them..,goodluck.,
  11. the fact that you griefed my base in your group of 4 still doesnt prove your innocent for what you have done
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