Griefer in Yukon PVE8

Discussion in 'Support' started by Tactical Loli, Mar 29, 2016.

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    So there's this guy/kid named Skorpion471 (he just changed his name to Doctor-Dead) and zhultaev-632 (also changed name to Dod) who's been blowing up bases and ransacking everyone in this server ever since I started playing here(a week or so). There's around 5 of them can't remember their names but they were all Russians (no I'm not implying all Russians are griefers).

    I built some kind of village with around 8 or so people in it (but not active most of the time) that can confirm this news and some other soloers. Some players they ransacked already left the server though.

    No I dont have screenshots at the moment but I will catch him in the act when I can.

    EDIT: my bad it was PVE 6 Yukon not PVE8
  2. here's Dod destroying the place

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    turns out he got my veggie farm as well

    EDIT: so they blew up the houses here, hid a claim flag which i recent destroyed, and replaced a floor to cover up the flag

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  4. Thanks @Harry Williams

    this should take alot off my mind when i'm building shelters for people
  5. their steam names are Skorpion471 and zhultaev-632

    I dug up my recent games list and here is the link to Skorpion471's steam profile

    As for zhultaev-632, i couldn't find it.

    Hope this helps


    EDIT: I just checked his profile and saw his friends, ded_xotaB246 was definitely part of his group but I haven't seen him for awhile

    also, here's zhultaev-632's steam profile
  6. its been awhile since I've logged on to PVE6 for some reason so I went over to PVE5 Yukon, I've seen Doctor-Dead and Pioner here and he's the same guy from my previous report. Steam names are Skorpion471 and ded_xotaB246
  7. His ban time has expired since your last report.
  8. oh he was already banned then? thanks then. i'll just keep watch for now i guess
  9. He was only banned 4 24 hours
  10. well, my new house in PVE5 got raided while i was off, i still have a strong conviction it was them since the raid was very elaborate. but i'll have to wait to get actual pictures to have them banned again. thanks for the assistance again by the way. i'll be posting in another thread if i ever catch the perp
  11. Can"t wait to see it.

    The best way to contact a staff member is on our TeamSpeak 3 server.
  12. sure thing, i'll be demolishing my old base for now, make a couple of dummy bases hoping i'd catch someone thanks

    EDIT: by the way, would blowing up lockers randomly placed be considered as grief or does it have to be inside a built house?
  13. That would be classed as greifing.
  14. I feel for you. I have been blown out of my base twice on PVE servers. No one should be fighting each other on these servers. Get usernames and screen shots and submit ban requests.

    Mods check the forums so we should have these guys banned.
  15. If ya get screenshots and upload it to the fourms then I will deal with it.
  16. MrMeaty8 was responsible for the griefing of Leilla's base. He's gone. :) However, in Leilla's absence due to her reported computer issues, the base decayed and despawned. :(
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