Griefed again, very frustrating

Discussion in 'Support' started by Talos, Feb 5, 2017.

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  1. I got griefed yet again. There are plates leading up towards my base at X: -905.06 Y: 182.34 Z: 935.27 If you can scan them to find out who put them there you can at least punish them. I put a claim flag on it so they can't remove it (hopefully)

    It's especially annoying as I am preparing to move to a new location when the auto messages warn players not to grief because the staff is watching.

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  2. I dont think there is a scanning mechanism in unturned to see who places structures. If there was im pretty sure they (the moderators) could catch all and every griefer.
  3. As an admin on another server, we use a a command, /w * scan # It scans every item within the # you enter around you, and lets you know who placed it there. I believe it is called wrecking ball.
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  4. Oh ok fair enough. I dont think these servers have that sadly.
  5. We don't have or use wrecking ball. Are the output from the scans displayed on-screen or output to a file on the server?
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  7. Goodness! It seems that would be a very useful tool.
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  8. Not really, only Cory has access to the logs written to the server, not the staff who police the servers. Would do moderators no good.

    And, for the love of GOD, staff have NEVER promised 24x7 coverage. That's why we have an area where PLAYERS can FREELY submit ban requests for griefer.
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