Griefed(2 times in the same day)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Mr.Fox de Terno, Dec 9, 2017.

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  1. U can see at the images all the proof (Including the guy doing it right when I was there and told me he liked my base), then destroyed a part of it stolen my items, vehicles, and preety much everything. Please can you do something so i can get my items back, yesterday i was playing normaly and all my items where there now they're gone, i don't remember everything i lost but i hope you can see i in a log or something else, please help me! I spend too much time building that base and i don't want to lose it to some random russian guy. My garage is empty and i had a green tractor
    20171209093807_1.jpg here is my storage... empty
    20171209093820_1.jpg here is the guy admiting that he did it
    20171209102705_1.jpg here is how he entered in my house
    20171209104229_1.jpg here i said thank you cause he said he liked my home but i saw him doing it
    20171209104211_1.jpg he ran away
    20171209104209_1.jpg my storage AGAIN (When i got griefed first in the same day i rebuilt it and had putten new items in it and he stole it again)
    20171209104231_1.jpg he blocked my way to the garage
    ((first grief))
    20171209093756_1.jpg 20171209093804_1.jpg 20171209093807_1.jpg 20171209093820_1.jpg 20171209102705_1.jpg 20171209104229_1.jpg 20171209104211_1.jpg 20171209104209_1.jpg 20171209104231_1.jpg 20171209093751_1.jpg 20171209093756_1.jpg
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  2. Still waiting
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  3. And you will keep waiting until you tell us which server you were on and give us a /position of the metal pipes blocking the doorway. We can't read minds, no matter what you think. As for lost inventory: It's lost. We don't replace items that are stolen or that despawn due to griefers.

    About the metal pipes: Unless they were placed by someone other than you there is no evidence in your screenshots.
  4. Just happened upon this wreckage today. Molkol banned for three days.

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