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Discussion in 'Rejected' started by Legalius, Jul 13, 2015.

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  1. While heading to a feast I saw a a newly constructed sandbag pile heading to a skybase that was not there minutes before. I saw a player climbing so I started shooting out the bags, but he could place them faster then I could destroy them, though he fell and I was able to get a screenshot. not a minute later a second player came to join him, Xaedra. Who helped him build into the base so i couldnt slow them, I used grenades to take out the bottom and managed to shoot them out of the base from seeing their feet. NN Romze should have a recording of it. Though Slipstream asked me Why? is the reason that its not your base so outlandish to players? Xaedra tells me to gtfo, and tried to justify destroying a base because "they are all already demolished" I just dont understand what makes players do this.

    Though I now have a suggestion for the server from seeing this sandbag trick done several times. Remove the ability to buy sandbags from the shop. they are cheap and easy to stack.
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  2. and what i first stumbled upon

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  3. Thanks, I add them to the watch list. Which Server?
  4. PvE 3, though they may not be back
  5. who care if they never came back just ban them stupid griefer kids
  6. if the proof is there you don't need second thoughts to ban them show no mercy for criminals
  7. They are banned
  8. Thank you SilverFox
  9. SilverFox pls see my ban request on titankennyS I got proof of him, that guy destroyed a big base for almost the server players
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