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Discussion in 'Rejected' started by Ronaldo, Sep 11, 2015.

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  1. So I have encountured a greifere and I really do hate greifers. [​IMG] [​IMG] the greifers name is zongoboom and that person has stolen all my stuff (includin a yuri) when i was swimming he wsa followin me and I was annoyed when I was contatung Georgia the mod. He took my stuff when I drowned and hes bein very rude and not giving me my danm stuff!
  2. I wouldn't consider that greifing. Nothing was destroyed or made unusable and unrecognizable. It is very unclear what you are trying to say but the only advice / help I can give you is, "There is always tomorrow." :)
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  3. ronaldo why are you complaining you grief almost as much as i do. stop your crying you hypocrite
  4. i dont see the player name
  5. kchrist I'm sorry if we shot your vehicle man
  6. Once you die any one can pick it up.
  7. This ban report can not be accepted due to there not being enough evidence,
    We recommend that you take screen shots using F12 or videos by recording your game play of the person breaking the rules.
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