Got Greifed, not a complaint.

Discussion in 'General' started by Lil Uzi Bert, Aug 22, 2017.

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  1. So I got on today and found a pretty large hole in my base. All my lockers were gone but my metal rifle racks were still there with the rifles in them except for 1 which was taken. I suppose a tank blew the hole into my base. However, I don't understand how the tank did damage to my base, I thought player damage did not count towards another players placed object. Does the using a vehicle count as "player damage"? Also, how did they get my lockers cleared, I thought only me and my group member could get into those, much less destroy them. Not to forget my claim flag was destroyed, really worries me because if someone destroys our claim flag what stops the mods from clearing our base if we "have no claim flag"? Also my friends bed was destroyed along with the wall pieces,pillar and floor piece. Just wondering how it is possible for them to do this. I am not creating this post to bag on the admins or the staff, I would just like answers.
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  2. There are many items that can break into your base, not just tanks. Some aspects of gameplay simply can not be removed or the game would quickly become unplayable.
  3. Ok thanks, but you guys do as much as you can to limit the tools potential greifers can use to greif right?
  4. We can't remove fists from the game. Sorry. It's a plain vanilla server with the Rocketmod shop, vote-kits and paid kits added in. Everything you want removed will need to be addressed by the game developer, Nelson and Smartly Dressed Games.
  5. Wow, so bare fists can break down someones walls? Ok, I think I am seeing your point. Thanks again for the responses, again, I want to make sure that you know I am not bagging on you or the staff, i'm just curious as to how these things happen. I'm sure you all are doing what you can to keep the foul play at a minimum.
  6. Fist can't break structures but can damage other things.

    Anti-grief deosn't work either. If players can't break your structures, vehicles and barricades then you can't break theirs. We tried anti-grief. Within two days many players had been trapped in buildings in towns and some in their own bases by griefers who boxed them in. Once they died the griefers simply slavaged the blockade and took the dropped inventories. One player started to run a wall through Seattle. Only staff could clear the blockades. By the 48 hour mark anti-gief was deemed a failure and removed. o_O
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