Rejected Found even more griefers, this one is named P0P0

Discussion in 'Rejected' started by Mr_BeatsFTW, Aug 12, 2015.

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  1. I was in my car when P0P0 started punching it and it blew up while i was inside chatting with my friend in the steam overlay. I have proof of this please look at it. In the first picture it shows his name and the same face and clothes. In the second it shows him blowing up my car with his fists. It was out of gas so i couldn't move. This was on PvE 2. 2015-08-12_00005.jpg 2015-08-12_00002.jpg
  2. Mr_BeatsFTW is an awful griefer he is extremely rude & demeaning. Mr_BeatsFTW had the impression that he owned everything in and around Charlotte Town.
    I was a new spawn on the map just picked up some items at Wellington Farm headed to Charlotte Town I saw a car on fire blown up with a player in it. Yes, I punched the blackened burning wheel-less car. then I went over to a distant tree and punched it until it fell down and started to pick up the logs . After I placed the floor piece I just made I started walking back towards the blown up car (someone was still in it) and punched it again wondering why the player was just sitting in this blown up car. A player named 3sexy5you said in chat :popo leave. I went back down a hill and was punching down another tree and picking up the logs. Mr_BeatsFTW and his partner out of my viewing distance, start yelling through the microphone at me to leave saying that the town and farm belonged to them they had claimed the area and all that spawned within. Then they were trying to drag the turned npcs to me and were angry when some other player shot the zombies and yelled at the player to get out of the farm and leave the area. I stayed in the area of the town and farm anyway gaining enough xp to out run the turned and starting a building to plant vegetables within and store them throughout the night Mr_BeatsFTW's fellow griefer 3sexy5you taunted and harassed me. The next day I spawned in where the building I made was only to find it a complete wreck. My building was blown out in the middle from the first to fourth floor, planters,crates, and doors destroyed. I have no idea what happened to my building I do know that This Mr_Beats is a jerk. And enjoys bullying other players.
  3. I'm a griefer? Excuse me? When have I griefed? Where is your proof?
  4. No, Beats is cool!
    u just dont know what to say or what to do
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