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Discussion in 'Rejected' started by timothyii88, Jul 22, 2015.


Can this guy be banned?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. A guy that used to be in my group greifed my base and stole all of my stuff after he got angry after an argument because he couldn't use grenades on other people's houses. He got a chainsaw and began weakening every wall I had and swearing with the audio. He also got a car, drove it into my house, and shot it until it exploded. Please ban this guy at once. 2015-07-22_00003.jpg 2015-07-22_00004.jpg 2015-07-22_00005.jpg 2015-07-22_00006.jpg
  2. Thank you for your serves his punishment will be put out the next time I see him on.
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