Rejected Even a BIGGER failure~!

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    yesss- it can be bigger!
    -- evidence --,CcCcJob,dT...mFrKk,6vCIOFC,cPP2o9I,i7NV1cD,diSx64H,z7RkhZD
    -- Steam --
    -- Named as --
    -- What has he/she done --
    He destroyed my base 2 times, destroyed my beloved ural, damaged my neighbores house,Stolen and destroyed the off-roader
    cursed in chat, and it goes on.
    -- what i expect --
    This big must be a perma ban!!
    -- a word --
    Some of the images are a bit worthless and should'nt be in the album.
  2. This is worrthy of a warn the proof does not prove grefing so he will be warned and not banned.
  3. How do you explain the missing walls and floor and the exploded cars? He trew grenades at my house 3 times in 10 minutes! how can you explain that?! he chanced name 3 times, why would he do that?

    (Not meant to be rude)
  4. From the proof that I saw this proof does not show him doing it. If any new info pops up please let me know and I will look it over.
  5. He was the only guy nearby, + he whas standing 1m away from the explosion.
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