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  1. Hello ..

    - i joined JustPlayHere 3 server short while ago, and from i really enjoyed playing in the server with 2 of my friends the server wasn't that populated so we start inviting more players to the server to make it more fun .. me and my 2 friends build a base that we spend lots of time maybe even days building it, we had really hard time building and grinding in the server because of the shutdowns and the rolling back after restart we tried our best to make it work and we finally finished our base but we needed some food so we build a little farm house close to our base that help us get some food and water and gas .. so far so good ha !! , not until i logged on and boom everything we tried hard for is gone no warring no anything..
    i mean yeah sure the rules and we break them first of all the server have lag issues and keep rolling back every couple of hours which BTW lead to our death many times, and our base wasn't even that big 2 floors ?! i mean come on, the storage is more than 10 that why you deleted our base like WHAAT ?, we had so much stuff so what do you mean we can't have more storage i mean where should we put our stuff then ?!,
    when i try to contact with the mod he banned me ?? .
    so wait we tried really hard to build our base and we tried so hard to get our stuff and we invited many players to the server, and then you reward us by removing our base hmm.. i mean if you want to make a good server that not how you treat your players ..
    so dear JustPlayHere Stuff team .. i am not asking for our base back but just think about it admin abusing me by banned i didn't even say any bad words to him, i was just mad about removing our base like if you were me you will do the same i think ..
    so thanks for reading this long a** topic but i hope you understand my situation here ..

    SicoZ ..
  2. Whenever you visit a server that is not yours there should be some sense of decorum. The first thing a player should do is visit the forums for the server host and read the complete rules. No server host will list all rules in game chat. There are usually just too many. Many servers simply list a link to the forums. We actually list a few of the more important rules in chat.

    You wouldn't walk into a stranger's house and expect to throw your feet up on the table without the owner taking action, be it anything from telling you to remove your feet to throwing you out of the house. It's the owner's choice. If they throw you out would you argue that they should have simply told you to remove your feet from the table? You would still lose the argument.

    The rules you broke do scroll in chat: One base per group, limit of ten storage. We don't need permission or have to give warnings when clearing violations of server rules.

    As for the restarts and reversions: I've been bugging Cory about this ever since the issues surfaced with a Rocketmod change back in November. Senior staff have been working on those problems. We fixed the issue of saves not occurring before the shutdown/update-check/restart. Hopefully by the time you read this all of the shutdown warning messages and a proper shutdown will happen. Fixing the saves before a shutdown were the priority.
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  3. you still didn't get an explanation about the banned if it's only 1 base per group why me the only guy in my group that got banned ?!

    and yeah of course you can remove our base without warning but that doesn't let me give my opinion about the situation, and you have the freedom to agree or disagree with me, plus I didn't give a direct request to get our base back I was just mad about removing the base, because after hard work it's sad to get all that wasted ..

    I made this topic for me as a player and for the others as well because I am sure not me the only one who having the issue I saw a guy in the chat before he was talking about his base got removing as well and he was really sad about it,

    I mean we are all humans after all we all make mistakes even if we break the rules a small chance like 1 day not going to put the server in fire or anything I mean we already had the base for a couple of days 1 more day as warning I don't think that will effect much .

    I get it you guys staff members working hard to make the server better that fine, but I think for being patient a little with the players will be good as well ...

    after all it's your server and you allow to do what you want, I was just hopping to give my idea so you can understand what I mean, it's really
    frustrating to get your work gone just in a minute ..

    thanks for reading my reply and sorry for my bad English and Grammar mistakes ..
  4. Your groupmate wasn't there arguing and cursing.

    By the way: being patient when players decide to log off as we try to tell them to reduce base size and storage only results in servers full of the very thing we don't need. The reason we clear such violations is to reduce the very lag about which you complained and prevent a known bug in Unturned from locking out players permanently (improperly called a "server crash") until a full server reset is performed.

    For some violations, that one day wait could mean the difference between a playable server and the need for a full reset where everyone on the server loses everything. Nelson has never corrected the bug in Unturned. Instead he has decided that more content, militarization of the game and more maps is more important than fixing a game-breaking bug.

    If more time was spent giving us heads-ups on violations instead of trying to find ways to skirt the rules, hide excess storage and glitch bases into off-limits parts of the map the servers would be friendlier. Unfortunately there is a large undercurrent on game servers where a subset of players push the limits and break rules just to see how much they can get away with. The only way he have to deal with these issues are the punishments based off the server rules.
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  5. Yeah, sure i understand but arguing isn't a reason to get banned for i am just giveing my opinon and cursing i don't think i cursed you all i said was "talking SH*T" i don't see that as a cursing, if you see it like that well sorry for it but i hope you understand why i was mad about the situation, thanks sir and i wish you reconsider about the banned orde and give me one more chance thanks sir ..
  6. Georgia has answered your questions in reference to your appeal and informed you that your ban expires later today.
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