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  1. Greetings. I want to adress this complaint towards one of the Senior Moderators. Ill try to make this complaint as short as possible. This is not an Unban Appeal!

    Senior Moderator by the nickname PistolPete is abusing his\her Moderator privileges and powers, while moderating a server. And in this case - being oppressed and kicked without proper warning and\or alerts. Since i've read the rules and properly follow them from the very start - Im sure that im right and I am able to prove that.

    Case and reason: ​
    On the second day of playing PvE Server of Unturned (I believe its the 1-st one), Moderator by the nickname of {WC}PistolPete, warns one of my Group Buddies (by the nickname of Kolser (or {yellow}Kolser) and requires him (not us) to move the flag inside the house.

    On top of that, he\she teleported Kolser on top of our safehouse, repeating the same request, and then requested to place a metal (or something like that) door instead of a wooden one.

    Even when Kolser asked to wait until my arival - he got instantly kicked by Modererator, and I got moved to jail upon my arival.

    I requested explanations
    and explained that I was kicked from my own house - he\she repeated the same requests, without even explaining the reasons.
    The only reason i've got is: "Follow the rules". Then I've got kicked for misbehaviour.

    • First of all: I've read the rules and followed them from the start. Moderator (nickname unknown) gifted me all nessesary items for claiming the house (Claim Flag and Metal Sign), and i've placed them immideatly upon claiming them. There is nothing nessesary as "moving the flag inside the house" or "placing Iron door" mentioned in the Rules.

    • Second of all: As a Guest (new player) i have a right for explanation, help and guidance from the Staff Group, which I didn't recieve from {WC}PistolPete. Instead, without giving me any chance for asking a question or recieving help - i've got kicked (est. 5 seconds after the last message (see above)).

    • Third of all: My group member (Kolser) got banned upon joining server the second time, without proper reason or warning.

    On a side note:
    Me and Kolser are also Moderators on another community (Im not gonna mention the name of the community here just to avoid "advertisement flag", if you have 'em), and its our work and duty to follow the rules on every server (even ours) and make sure everybody follows them as well.

    We know the right ethics. How to moderate propperly. In this case, we both sure that Moderator - {WC}PistolPete - dosen't know about those ethics, not to mention server rules.

    We can always provide proof, in both Pictures and Video, if nesseary.

    Kolser does not care about the Ban that he recieved, and I dont care about my possible ban on the server. All I want, is to alert you all and leave my opinion on this situation. Because of those "Senior" Moderators, that dont respect their position and dont follow rules themselves, every second of a hard work, that people have put into this fine community, can go down the drain.

    With most respect -
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  2. Server rule #1: You are on our servers. If staff directs you to do something then you need to listen to them.

    FYI: You were both told in World, area and PM to move the claim flag inside as anyone can destroy it if placed outside. Access to the base must be closed off to outsiders. That means a structure secured with metal doors. Finally: You and Kolser weren't grouped but were sharing a base. This is classed as a claim flag/group mechanism violation.

    If you list him on the sign, he needs to be in your group and capable of responding to staff requests.

    The two of you are banned one day for ignoring multiple staff requests to correct the issues.
  3. Nayaaa I want to let you know I have read your complaint I am gonna read over the rules to see if it is posted on there.The flag needs to be inside that way some cant brake it so easy and build right next to you as for the metal sign that is correct it needs to be metal and a metal door locks
  4. "First of all: I've read the rules and followed them from the start. Moderator (nickname unknown) gifted me all nessesary items for claiming the house (Claim Flag and Metal Sign), and i've placed them immideatly upon claiming them. There is nothing nessesary as "moving the flag inside the house""

    "Claim flags
    - Must have 1 or more claim flags within base."

    It clearly states within base.
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    "Within", but not "Inside".
    Since my base was not inished yet, i've placed the flag on the column, which is on\in\at my base.
    Also, "within" can be read as "in reach", so I suggest changing that statement to "inside" so people can CLEARLY understand it.
    And yes. That bit is not explained in the "always repeating rule that is mentioned in the chat". That should be the same statement as the rule here, no?

    So it means, if you will direct me to give away my home to somene, or dance like a monky - i should comply?
    No wonder people dont like you guys.

    I greatly understand you all, but its not like I should like your ways of solving problems. "Directing", as you say, people to move something that they owned and decided to place exactly where they wanted - its not right, nor fair.
    First of all - getting that flag is not as easy. Same goes to doors. Even if you "command me" to place a other type of doors - I cant do that on the spot. And even If i want to say something like: "I can't since *reason*" - I'll get kicked for disobeying the staff.
    And, as my friend Kolser found out, Mods use the same chat collor as the advertisements (or warnings). Try to spot something, that is blended in perectly.

    If you all guys like that, then... Im ashamed, as a fellow Moderator, that has the same duties as you. That's not how you moderate.

    Just think about it. Maybe answer lies not in the players, but in you?

    Edit: Thanks for listening and changing "Within" part to "inside". I just hope you'll see some sence in my ramblings.
  6. If you had read the thread I made which has the rules you would've saw in the actual base rules it says "CLEARLY" inside.

    "• Claim Flags: Place a claim flag first. Claim flags inside the base are required."

    No edit was made it just says in two sections about claim flags.

    I can make the thread that has the rules and make it easy to read for others but it's down to the players to actually read it.

    Definition of within
    1 :in or into the interior :inside

    For continuing to argue with staff your are again banned. This time it's for seven days.

    If you can't understand or so desire to not follow the rules there are hundreds of other servers out there on which you can play.

    This thread is closed. Trolling time is over.
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