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  1. I'm sorry if this is in the wrong spot, but I really don't care anymore, and this is the only reason I created this account.
    I was playing on PVE1 and I come back to be met with some dumb mod who'd removed all of my base, except for my red roadster. I was not exceeding storage limit, but the sign said the base exceeds max allowed size "26/20", multiple unmarked buildings, and the worst part, the mod didn't sign their name on the sign. I had a claim flag, and I have seen a few bases much bigger than mine, not bothered. What gives? I was not aware I needed to have a sign, and the other building next to it wasn't even mine. It was my friend's, who I'm not in a group with, so the one base per group thing here doesn't apply, because we can't access each other's doors or place inside the other's claimed area, etc.. I was living in a garage next to Tignish Farm in PEI, which I have worked very hard on, and I didn't build it so somebody could come and tear it down. If the mod who did this is reading this, you need to start doing a 24 hour warning sign to prevent the same thing happening to others, and sign your name at the bottom, like how a traffic cop signs a ticket he issued. This really goes for all of you mods. I will NOT be recommending this server to ANYONE who is looking for a PvE server.
  2. Hello, DemoTeam always leave a sign of 24-48 hours depending on if we have spoken to you.

    If you have multiple violations to our base rules then we will not tolerate it and have the right to clear it since that is our job to keep the servers clean.

    As for signing our names we find it much simpler to just say it is from staff instead of typing out our whole username each time, also please do not disrespect the staff, "dumb mod" it's understandable that you are upset that your base was cleared due to violations but that is no excuse to be disrespectful towards us.

    If you have any questions feel free to PM me.

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  3. I cleared it for the reasons posted on the sign that I left behind. If we can't tell who it belongs to, it's oversized, in close proximity to another base, no sign listing occupants, it's considered abandoned and in violation and gets cleared. The vehicle was marked and therefore it remained untouched. Since the structure was unmarked we can't tell if the vehicle is ther rightfully or if it was unlocked by another player and stolen.
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