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Discussion in 'Support' started by Mlg Jesus, Jan 2, 2017.

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    So far every time Ive been using the "claim flag" to claim land before I start building my base like what is it suppose to do keep people from destroying something within that area or not allow people to build in that general area because so far I have had to buy 4 claim flags because they keep disappearing when I go onto the server the next day (Real life time) and someone breaks into my base am I suppose to put my claim flag inside my base or something for it to work? Also is the claim flag able to be broken by other players?
  2. Yes, you do need to place it on a foundation that you make otherwise it can be broken by other players
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  3. This info really helps me out
  4. Claimflags can be broken unless they are in another foundation. But people can still destroy the base but what the claimflag does is that it makes so no one other than you or your group can place structures inside 32 diameter sphere and it adds 250 more health to all the placed stuff inside that sphere.

    P.S Charges can still be placed inside that area.
  5. They should really fix that.... lol
  6. They? You mean "Nelson". Don't forget the anti-grief test where everyone was trapped by griefers in about a day since nothing could be broken.
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