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Discussion in 'Rejected' started by Xaedra, Jul 23, 2015.

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  1. Well, I was playing with my brother named Jean213 on PVE 3 server and a guy named chip blew up our car and the car of another dude. He also said to me that the day I had died when I was AFK(I had to go eat)at Scorpion 7 lab. He took a zombie and lead him to me to make me die and he took all my stuff. His name is Chip. I have now 2 reasons of reporting this guy because I think that afk killing is also something that is bad. Here's some pics I left there.

    This didn't happen today I had posted in the wrong forum section.

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  2. I'm sorry but this is not proof worth. Looks like nothing was done.
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    I understand, I just didn't have time enough to take the picture while he was destroying our car and the car of the other guy on the road.

    Edit: Apparentely when I joined back into the server, Chip was using an another name. And he admitted that he was the guy named Santa blowing up bases with RPG's and grenades. This guy really needs to be in the watch list.
  4. chip, william, niggaface, racially ambiguous those are just a few of the many names ive used i honestly cant remember them all. maybe ill use xeadra next time

    p.s. almost all of your stuff i scrapped and left in the ocean
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