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Discussion in 'Support' started by Space123, Apr 8, 2017.

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  1. I am already on this server for a week, and this is a great server. But since yesterday I cannot join the server. I always stop on this step.[​IMG] I have a friend who also meets the same problem, and I hope staffs can fix it. Thank you!
  2. The issue might be from your side. Since i can see that there are three players online on PVE2. Have you tried to connect to any of our other servers or any other server?
    It happens to me too sometimes but its fixed when i retry a few times.
  3. I can join PVE1 normally and sometimes I can also join PVE2. When it happened one of my friends can connect to the server but another one can't either.
  4. If others are connected but you can't: The ping or loss for your connection is too high. It may not be a problem at your end but a problem somewhere along the network path.

    Try opening a command prompt and typing tracert

    Most ping times should be under 50 ms. If you see any over 200 ms that's where the problem lies. Unfortunately getting internet providers to fix issues like that are next to impossible. :(
  5. Thank you so much! :)
    I'm using wifi to play the game and I think thats the reason
  6. Unless you have a weak signal that shouldn't matter, however, streaming music or video at the same time may cause issues, especially with a weak signal or slow wireless connection.
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