Bought Elite pack but /kit elite doesn't work

Discussion in 'Support' started by Spirit, Oct 4, 2016.

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  1. as stated in the title I bought it and I can't get the elite kit :(
  2. Did you activate it? Also, is your steam linked? Your account name should have an "elite" box in red, like mine.
  3. How would I activate it? I did link my steam account.
  4. Should be at the same page you used to buy it, under the "coupon key"- which was given to your email you used to register here when you bought it. Put it in and hit "save".
  5. Upgraded.
  6. i am also having this issue I bought the Elite upgrade today and have not been upgraded yet
  7. ok So I'm reading these posts but I'm still a little confused, I bought the Elite pack and i have the receipt emailed to mail email but... I'm not getting an email about a code or even finding somewhere to put a code in? And the upgrade page is still showing me I can buy it
  8. Fixed.
  9. YAY! Thank you Cory :)
  10. I just payed for it, and the account "ahlexrull" doesnt have the rank applied.

    For purchase details please PM me. Thank you :)
  11. Same issue here. made a post. hopefully it gets seen >.<
  12. I got the rank :D thanks for the help ^_^
  13. Cory alone handles this.
  14. I'm having the same problem, i didn't get an email or anything either. I linked my steam account after the purchase though.
  15. Same issue here, i get elite last night and i didn't get an email or the rank
  16. - Fixed.

    - Fixed.
  17. I bought elite last night but wasn't given it, didn't get an email or anything about that purchase. Please help me.
  18. Im having this same issue as well, linked my steam account and purchased elite. Got an email receipt but no code or anything. Help would be greatly appreciated.
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