Rejected [Banned]Spotted a new griefer, Sorry Multiface If I participated because it was a part of luring him

Discussion in 'Rejected' started by FayzeFaytal1ty, Nov 13, 2014.

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  1. 1.png 2.png 3.png Unturned 2014-11-13 16-17-31-99.jpg Okay... The guy's name is HODOR and this is some proofs.

    Proof :

    Im very sorry for Multiface. I didn't took any of the items. I just lied to HODOR that I'll take some goods
    I'm very sorry.
  2. In the videos Multiface's base was raided
  3. Hey Fayze,

    please check my latest ban request, we're obvisously talking about the same guy (Hodor, but with a different alias)!

    Kick that nasty kid out, please! Selfish kids like Hodor have fun ruining the fun of others. And that's a quite odd equation in my view!

    Greetz, B3RS3RKIR
  4. quoted Kangaroo Court by Capital Cities."I admit defeat, as i move my feet, my history won't ever be repeated, I won't ever be repeated." and ...i warned you...
  5. And you mistake me for a kid
  6. string him up and let everyone take turns using a chainsaw on him... griefers ruin the game
  7. you should just have taken your commission, built a house and chests, messaged him a apology, and gave it all to multiface, which would make it up, as that was a lot of stuff he had
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