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Discussion in 'Ban Appeal' started by static, Mar 16, 2019.

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  1. Ban Appeal: static
    • Username
      • static
    • SteamID64
      • 76561198095812226
    • Banned Location
      • Unturned
    • Banned Date
      • Mar 16, 2019 at 3:30 AM
    • Official Reason
      • Organised griefing/stealing
    • Requested Reduction
      • Not a permanent ban. I understand even if I was unaware doesn't make it right, so I can accept any length of ban that wouldn't override getting my base scrapped for inactivity.

      Hello, I'd like to appeal my case.
      First and foremost, I am fairly new to the game. I played Unturned a few times back in 2014 when there was only PEI map. I only recently got interested in trying this game again.

      With that being said, I admit that I'm guilty of not reading the server rules and I'm guilty of using the stealy wheely automobiley on a unmarked locked vehicle.

      I'm aware that this appeal is only for me but since my two other friends were banned for the same offense, I will mention their names a lot during this explanation since they were there.

      My friends (HaxorHayZeus and Webbie) and I have been playing awhile on JPH's PvE Hawaii server. I state this because the person who accused us painted us like we were a group of misfits out to do harm (grief) which is far from the truth.

      In our short time on the server we have established a small island base west of Waikoloa. We joined this server to complete our Magma achievement which last Friday proved to be unsuccessful. We weren't able to break down the hidden cave entrance that is in Junkyard. If there is a way that you guys can look at the in-game store inventory, you should see that on March 8-9 I bought a lot of military ammo boxes because the video guide we were following stated that you can shoot it down if you don't have a RPG. That was last Friday, so the events of today are as follows.

      We came back to the server with the idea that maybe to get past the wall it might be triggered by an Unyielding questline. So we returned to do some quests and figure it out. Before we were banned, we had been on the server for roughly six hours. We were there before it restarted and rejoined when it came back. In that time we had spent scrapping to upgrade our ten maple crates into ten metal wardrobes to make more space. We are aware that we can just buy metal scrap from store but what's the fun in that. Once we completed that task, we sent off to do some Unyielding quests.

      We were near The Akoni doing the starfish quest and ukelele quest. We spent roughly 30 minutes trying to find the starfish. If there is a way you can check the in-game store inventory, I bought a flashlight a few minutes before the ban because using the civilian nightvision was making it really hard to see underwater.
      Once we found the starfish we made our way to the small island where the ban happened.

      The play by play:
      > HaxorHayZeus and I noticed the unmarked locked boat near the shore
      > I approached it and used the stealy wheely on it, the animation wasn't even finished when the "owner" started shouting at us calling us thieves and a lot of other things
      > In our shock, HaxorHayZeus and I had got on the boat but once he started shouting bloody murder, we quickly got off the boat left it unlocked and tried to explain that we weren't aware that there was a rule that you can't use the stealy wheely. Though the person was not having any of it and started accusing us of being griefers.
      > That's when Webbie arrived on the scene. He was still swimming over to us since he had actually gotten on The Akoni ship. That's when the person started saying "She's coming for you".
      > We were confused, so we just walked away from the person and left the now unlocked unmarked boat alone. Though the person kept telling us stuff via the area chat.

      Once the admin joined and asked what happened, the person spun a slightly different tale. Yes we had unlocked the boat but like I stated it was unmarked it had no metal sign/placard stating it had an owner. I of course wouldn't unlock a marked vessel. Like I also mentioned, I was unaware of such a rule because I hadn't read the server rules nor that using a stealy wheely on a locked vehicle was wrong. I clarified to the admin that I was unaware of that and even stated that I thought all vehicles spawned locked, why else create a tool to unlock them.
      The person then stated that we shot at the boat which is a lie. The only shots that were fired were by Webbie who was on The Akoni ship killing zombies for exp while we searched for the starfish.

      At that point it became clear that this situation was a bit suspicious but I'm not going to humor a conspiracy. I will note that the admin who joined also acknowledge that this person knew a lot about bans and such.

      Sadly I have no evidence since everything happened so fast.
      > Got accused
      > Admin joined
      > Person spun their story, a few words were interchanged
      > Permanently banned

      Additional Information
      Thanks for reading at least you get to read our side of the story.
  2. If you didn’t bother to familiarise yourself with our rules then that’s on you. Just because you don’t know them doesn’t mean we won’t ban you from our servers for breaking our rules because it is your responsibility and every other players who joins our servers to actually read them.

    And from what I can see you’ve been playing for 50+ hours in total meaning you have had more than enough time to be aware about our rules. Even our chat has broadcast messages about some of them.

    Here’s the deal, you walked up to a locked boat, unlocked it and got in. Did you ask in chat if it belonged to anyone? Because there were 3 other players online who it could’ve belonged to and that can include players who have joined our servers for the first time and just getting started. The answer to that question is no. You didn’t bother to ask in case the boat owner was online and that they may of been gathering the materials or bits to afford a sign.

    So rightfully the boat owner saw you and your group mates who were gathered round this boat as thieves. And then as griefers when someone took 3 shots to that boat.

    Here’s another question, did you bother to look around the island in case the boat owner was in the light house or close by? No. You went straight for the vehicle unlocked it.

    “Calling us thieves and a lot of other things” they called you one other thing and that was “stealers” so there wasn’t a lot of other things you were being called.

    It’s not wrong to know a lot about bans it just means that player took the time to read about our rules, ask questions to be more aware about consequences, and just trying to be a good member of the community so they don’t break our rules, upset other players and recognise when someone is doing the wrong thing then reporting it to staff. Some of our rules can lead to being instantly permanently banned if broken, which in your case has happened.

    If a player is permanently banned their base is marked for removal and gets removed by the DemoTeam.

    I wonder how many other vehicles you and your group have unlocked leaving players to wonder what happened to it.

    So basically, you and your group members unlocked a boat, didn’t bother to check if the boat owner was online or still on the island and could’ve driven off with it if the boat owner hadn’t of seen what was happening in the time that they did.

    You have to acknowledge the fact that just because the vehicle didn’t have a sign or a placard doesn’t mean you can just take it because it could’ve just recently been locked and the owner of it is sorting something out for the boat to claim it. Not everyone carries a metal sign with them everywhere and some people need to gather the bits needed to buy a sign because they’ve used all of theirs buying guns or ammo.

    When told by the boat owner they were reporting the situation one of you shot that boat 3 times. Before walking off and saying things like “don’t test me” and “enjoy reporting that” also let’s not forget “ “rules” ” that was said when confronted that we have rules. One might think you didn’t believe the rules we have if broken will have consequences.

    Also a warning for you and your group mates when using our forums. Our chat rules still stand when using our website, so whoever made that thread in suggestions cursing and disrespecting staff can have their account limited for their actions.
  3. Also, just to add on, your base was not in compliance with server rules either. This was found out by the DemoTeam.
  4. As a player on a serve that is not your own, it will always be your responsibility to find the full set of rules, read them and follow them. Debating the issue with a better-informed player doesn't help you cause.

    Appeal denied.
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