Ban Appeal: skyfrost360

Discussion in 'Ban Appeal' started by skyfrost360, Jun 30, 2016.

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  1. Ban Appeal: skyfrost360
    • Username
      • skyfrost360
    • SteamID64
      • 76561198313409543
    • Banned Location
      • Unturned
    • Banned Date
      • Jun 30, 2016 at 4:30 PM
    • Official Reason
      • It was a false reason to ban and abusive staff quality
    • Requested Reduction
      • I would like to be unbanned of " PVE 7" by tomorrow 7/1/16 . This isn't fair or okay.

      I was playing the server. Like anyone does. Pistol Pete the "Staff Member" is online. I see their is a car with NO SIGN claiming the cars ownership, so since theirs NO SIGN and NO ONE INSIDE the vehicle, I hop in. When this happens, a few players come out from behind trees and flip off at me,cursing me out repeatedly when I fairly just got inside a car I found that again had NO CLAIM of ownership. Pistol Pete then bans me off the server because of this. His reasoning was he "saw them take it out their house". This pisses me off. I understand he saw it was their car, but I never did. Their was nothing showing it was owned by another player. No signs, nothing. Somehow this is appropriate? that I got into a car that I saw that was on the map that was basically for grabs because their was NO proof of ownership?? Abusive Staff?

      No evidence rather then the abusive staff member, Petes, own two eyes. No claim of ownership was on the vehicle.

      Additional Information
      I'm new to this game and understanding how everything all works. I've been helping everyone on your servers and have looked through your rule system. However, whenever contacting "Pistol pete", the rudeness and upset nature, doesn't make me feel open to ask "staff" for help.. I feel like the players are more kind and helping to each other then some of the staff to the players. An unban would be highly appreciated because the game is fun and I would like to come back and play.
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  2. The signs are so we know who owns the car/base when THEY're not in game. I knew who owned the car. It was the guy sitting next to you telling you to get out for almost five minutes. I was going to let you slide with a warning but once you became abusive in chat toward the other players it was time for you to go.

    The ban is for three days and will expire automatically after that time.
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  3. hahaha pete did u really delete my response just cause i said something against you?
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  4. Jayfrass: You are off-topic.

    You didn't say anything against me. This area is for ban appeals, not opinions or audience comments. This is your second post that has nothing to do with the appeal at hand. Please do not post to someone's appeal unless you have evidence for or against the person who filed the appeal. This is your second warning for spam posts.
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  5. He cursed me out he started with me. You didn't hear that did you?
    Ah ok so You didn't listen to him call me a b*tch? Did you bother asking me my side of the story rather be bias and ban on spot? No you didn't. I started using foul word play AFTER being called a B*** multiple times with you sitting there doing jack squat :) Thing is you don't consider both sides of the story, just because you saw someone pull a car out a garage doesn't mean you understand the reason for an argument that lead to me using foul wordplay? so how is this ban relevant? I cursed at a guy who cursed at me? because moderators like you don't pay attention to chat and solve problems rather abuse permissions?? I understand your trying to help the server but your really putting a bad name on things. I see this as favoritism and bias behavior. You don't have a reason for banning me, and you continue to lie to players in the game saying "their was a sign on the car" when their really wasn't to back up your reasoning for banning me? Nextime you get into a situation, actually know the story before you go abusing your little moderator permissions mate. I'd like a quicker unban. Its not fair one bit mate I'd like to speak to an administrator or someone of higher ranking then yourself. Thanks.
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