DENIED Ban Appeal: RoboPlunger

Discussion in 'Ban Appeal' started by RoboPlunger, Apr 12, 2020.

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  1. Ban Appeal: RoboPlunger
    • Username
      • RoboPlunger
    • SteamID64
      • 76561198290486171
    • Banned Location
      • Unturned
    • Banned Date
      • Apr 12, 2020 at 5:00 PM
    • Official Reason
      • Breaking Server Rules
    • Requested Reduction
      • Anything

      I genuinely do not know what rule I broke. I did my best to follow them, but it seems I failed to do so. I apologize for breaking any rules. I really enjoyed playing on this server. If nothing else, I would love an explanation as to what rule I broke. I thought I followed all of the building and storage rules, and I did not raid or kill anyone or raid anyone so I truly do not know what I did. Once again I do apologize for breaking any rules, I do my best to follow them.

      Thank you for the consideration,

      I do not have any evidence as I do not know what rule I broke.

      Additional Information
  2. Concentrated lighting causing disconnects for players in the area was a complaint received by staff. If only a few lights are on this usually doesn't cause a problem, however, a player compained about the disconnects.

    From the rules: "DEMO TEAM
    They help keep the servers running by removing anything harmful such as:
    Unwanted/abandoned stuff, plates, barricades, wiring, excessive lighting. Excess of any item that can and will be harmful to the server's performance. Harming the server performance by using lots of barricades will lead to a ban."

    Note that "barricades" does not mean only wooden barricades. "Barricades" is a reference to "barricades.dat", a file on the server. Anything that is not Structure or Vehicle is stored in the "barricades.dat" file. Any concentration of items stored in this file can cause an issue with players and servers alike. There is a game bug that's been present since day one and Nelson can not fix it. Parts of that file are transmitted as data between the server and client. That data transmission causes what players interpret as, "lag". There is a finite limit to the size of that file and as it crosses the threshold, the server refuses to allow any players to connect. The server must be fully reset. All players on that server lose everything at that point. It's a fresh installation.

    Concentrated illuminated lighting can overpower graphics cards causing framrate drops and disconnects for players. If it's on a large enough scale it also affects the barricades.dat file.

    Your ban is for 24 hours. It expires 2020-04-13 16:50:05.

    Appeal denied.
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