DENIED Ban Appeal: jrphoenix

Discussion in 'Ban Appeal' started by jrphoenix, May 11, 2019.

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    Ban Appeal: jrphoenix
    • Username
      • jrphoenix
    • SteamID64
      • 76561198064710494
    • Banned Location
      • Unturned
    • Banned Date
      • May 11, 2019 at 7:40 PM
    • Official Reason
      • griefing
    • Requested Reduction
      • an un ban , or reduction
    • Explanation
      • I was playing with a friend and we got kicked for "you have been kicked", i rejoined and was told not to have two cars, we left one and then someone deleted both, so we ran to a town. The police car he got into wouldnt stop the siren so I blew it up, and tried to see if the helicopter right above me still had a player in it, since it was frozen in place. we were moving stuff into a firetruck when a admin banned my friend and I for griefing.
    • Evidence
      • Blew up a car and got banned
    • Additional Information
      • I recieved a warning and was told "that will get you banned" so i stopped what I was doing, I didn't expect what I was doing to be considered griefing. I carjacked them a few times as I had gotten the flight roll on my stats (annoyingly) but didn't see that as ban worthy or griefing.
  2. Sr. Moderator Georgia will review your appeal.
  3. You shot at the heli with your group mate attempting to blow it up as it was flying above you. Which is worthy of a ban.

    Quite funny how you left that detail out.

    Also I think this is pretty obvious but when a helicopter is in the air that means it’s being used to fly around the map.

    Appeal denied. Your ban is permanent.
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