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  3. This Snakgert kid was very arrogant. He was insinuating that I had done something to him. Only contact I had with him was at off limits where I witnessed him scavenging over fallen players loot. Snakgert is a blowhard trying to kiss up to some players while at the same time back stabbing them.
  4. Look at the screen shots above , eh.
  5. If it was on a pve game you can destroy anything
  6. What? It says no griefing in the server, and he stole a car
  7. I hate to say it but this proof is not good enought. It might get you a refund but it won't get him banned as I do not see him doing anything I need a screenshot with his name. Thank you.
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  8. Yeah, I couldn't get a good pic. He kept moving. I was hoped the fact that other people reported him would be enough to at least watch him. I understand that the pics weren't that good. I tried my best
  9. I welcome anyone to follow & watch me at anytime. Your poorly fabricated claim is in its self griefing.
    Why you chose my name to be your patsy has me thinking you could have been the kid microphone spamming that I must give you clothing, guns, night vision, and ammo or else "never did pay attention to the kid". Furthermore I never operated a car that entire day, only a one seat snow mobile.
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