Am I Banned? Or are the servers just glitched?

Discussion in 'Support' started by matthew789_1117, Jul 17, 2017.

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  1. I went offline for about 1 hour, and when I came back, there were no just play here servers available. I took a check at the server status and it says that most of the just play here servers are online. I made sure that the time interval was less than 10 seconds so the server status is still accurate between the time I took the sreeen-shot from unturned list of servers. I made sure that I have the filters for the justplayhere servers, but I still got nothing. I made sure that I was clicking on the internet option instead of favourites. When I took off the filters, I still didn't see any servers even though I already scrolled to the bottom of the list. I am only playing on the PVE servers, so there is no need to worry about the other servers. I am specifically playing on PVE7.

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  2. The screenshot says it all. PvE7 was offline.

    The rundown is as follows: PvE 3 and 9: Stuck in loading screen with airdrop flyover sounds: Servers bugged. PvE7: Offline.

    At 10:19 PM EDT the PvE and Arena 1-4 servers shutdown normally. They are still down. I don't know if Cory is working on them of if they've suffered an update failure. The rumor was that Cory was going to do updates and bug fixes but he didn't make an official announcement.

    All PvE and Arena 1-4 are down until further notice. You'll know when they're abck up because they'll show online on the status page and again be visible in the favorites list.
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  3. Oh, I see. I've been trying to get onto the servers since the afternoon. Thanks for the explanation, and have a good day.
  4. 7's been down most of the day. Don't know when the main box will be running again.

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  5. 7 is back up but you get stuck in queue when logging in. Don't wait it out in server you will starve.
  6. In case you didn't notice Cory was notified. He dropped the servers from 10:19 PM to 12:19 AM (two hours) to clear up issues.
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