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  1. France:

    Last week the France map team released a sizable patch with a variety of interesting balance changes e.g. new scrap item for Focus weaponry. For more details: Read Here

    • When searching for a particular map, the server list will only show servers running the same version as you have installed. The map filter has also been replaced with a text map name filter which allows searching for maps not installed locally. If a local map is detected (by prefix) the search will use that full name.
    • Improvements to how curated maps are featured in-game. Rio's release was not as clearly communicated, so the map has been re-featured.
    • Workshop maps feedback button links to discussion board.
    • Dedicated server monitors for updates while hosting a workshop map. By default the server will notify players that it is shutting down for an update, but this can be configured in WorkshopDownloadConfig.json or overridden by plugins.
    • Auto workshop downloads now try to use cached installs aggressively. Steam does cache auto-installed items for a period, but still prefers to re-download them. Now the game looks for the "Needs Update" flag, and if not detected, will skip re-downloading. The goal here is to improve join times for servers with large numbers of auto-download content, but if problematic, subscribing will keep the content up-to-date.
    • Threaded console is now the default, but the older console can be enabled with -LegacyConsole command-line flag. This may conflict with Rocketmod's console on Linux until updated, however the hope is to improve vanilla dedicated server support.
    • Hashed player hardware ID is available server-side for use banning. Cheaters will obviously use fake HWIDs, but it's another tool in the administrative tool belt.
    • Server relay can immediately redirect. If there is a negative player response to this feature it will be adjusted or disabled.
    • Made Mannequins moddable and exported an example package.
    • Guns with fire delay can include "FireDelay" sound played at input.
    • Slot type "Any" for useables that can be equipped in primary, secondary, or inventory.
    • Can_Aim_During_Sprint option for guns.
    • Allow_Magazine_Change gun option similar to Hook_X options.
    • Should_Fill_After_Detach option for magazines. This effectively provides infinite ammo, with the trade-off of choosing the time to reload.
    • Visible_On_Ragdoll option for large clothes.
    • Vehicles now respawn up to max instances when multiple are destroyed simultaneously.
    • Disconnect if server workshop usage does not match advertised usage.
    • Fixed potential exploit destroying holiday / timed objects.
    Curated Map | Rio de Janeiro:

    Travel to South America with Rio, now available in-game! It features iconic destinations such as the redeemer statue, and has future updates planned. For more details check out the map's workshop page: Read Here

    You can also install the map from in-game by navigating to Play > Singleplayer > Curated and clicking subscribe, or searching for "Rio de Janeiro" on the server list. After Steam finishes downloading the map, Unturned will detect it and install the map without needing to restart.

    Going forward curated maps are being distributed through the workshop - more details in the previous update notes. This Rio section is at the bottom of the update notes because at the time of writing the map is featured prominently at the top of the main menu.

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