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  1. Welcome to France! | NEW Curated Map


    Paris is lovely this time of year.

    Come explore the warm countryside!


    Relax in a cozy private villa... after clearing it of infected.

    Climb the snowy alps!


    Remember to bring warm clothes for the blizzarding weather.

    Enjoy the local culture!


    This oughta warm you up again!

    Update Details:

    Now available in-game, France is a curated map that's been under development for over a year now by the talented team of long-term modders Vilespring, SluggedCascade, Renaxon and paper_walls84. This has been a labor of love for them, a passion project that they continued polishing until they felt it was perfect - originally slated for the end of August, they delayed it to continue adding that extra touch.

    France is also the first map to take advantage of several features added for it during its early development. For example, having both snow and temperate climates in different regions across the map.

    If you would like to support this team's work consider checking out the France bundles on the Stockpile here: View NEW France Items


    They've also put together a quick teaser overview of the map here: View France Map Trailer

    Update Notes:

    • Added MasterBundleTool.cs to Sources/Tools/ and converted Hawaii + Greece to use it.
    • Added Only_Critical_Stuns mode config option which only stuns zombies when back-stabbing or power-attacking.
    • Added per-magazine Ballistic_Damage_Multiplier option.
    • Added Infinite_Ammo: true/false option for turrets.
    • Added Tire_ID option for cars to require specific tire item.
    • Tweaked zombie stun overrides to work for guns.
    • Tweaked crafting button placement and disabled label.
    • Tweaked vanilla maps to enforce object hash.
    • Tweaked umbrellas to only take effect after fully equipping.
    • Fixed out-of-bounds check in rounded level corners.
    • Fixed kill volumes when player armor multiplier is < 1, and for vehicle passengers.
    • Fixed out-of-level zombies.
    • Fixed stuck getting back into menu when featured workshop description was misformatted.
    • Fixed logging into server at the same time as dying.
    Important news for workshop creators:

    Sometime before the end of January 2019 I will need to update Unturned to Unity 2017.4 LTS. When that happens, the new version will be available on a beta branch for a couple weeks before transition to the default release branch.

    Unfortunately this will have the side effect of requiring workshop content to be re-bundled using the new version of Unity, so to make that a less painful process as well as for performance improvements I've introduced a new feature: Master Bundles

    Master Bundles allow content (textures, meshes, audio, etc) for multiple game assets to be bundled at the same time, rather than into individual .unity3d files. (This is probably how it should have been in the first place, but anyway...) While slower to build, they have the benefit of updating many bundles at once, and are more RAM-efficient because any common files between the bundles are shared rather than duplicated.

    When Unturned finds a MasterBundle.dat file it will assume all child folders are using this bundle with paths relative to the .dat file, unless Exclude_From_Master_Bundle is specified in the individual asset .dat file. For an example of this, check out the Greece/Bundles and Hawaii/Bundles folders.

    Another effect of this change is that it will be easier to separate some maps from the game to free up space for more future maps. Specifically, I'm planning to move Hawaii + Germany and then Greece + Cyprus, to the workshop rather than in the main download in a future update. All Germany assets will continue to be bundled with the game, only the map itself will be moved. Hawaii and Greece assets will be available as a separate download on the workshop for maps which would like to add them as a dependency.

    Trying out this feature at least for the performance benefits is definitely encouraged. Simply copy MasterBundleTool.cs and MasterBundleHelper.cs to your Assets/Editor folder. Let me know if you run into any issues! Note that per-platform bundles (multiplatform checkbox) are supported in-case of special shaders, but generally shouldn't be needed.

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