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  1. Ireland Timed Curated Map:


    Storm_Epidemic, Th3o, Diesel_Sisel and Misterl212 - creators of a ton of popular workshop content such as The Driftless are excited to unveil their latest project: Ireland!

    Now available to play in-game officially for its debut, Ireland is very visually impressive with lots of new content and NPC questlines to explore. It will be featured until May 28th before becoming available on the workshop, though this may be extended pending your feedback!


    If you'd like to support the Ireland team consider checking out the Ireland map bundle on the Stockpile here!

    Update Notes:

    • Added Ireland Timed Curated Map.
    • Added Spawn_Quantity option for zombie kills conditions.
    • Improved sentries to shoot angry animals, and hostile sentries to shoot all animals.
    • Tweaked pumpjack oil capacity to be configurable.
    • Tweaked yellow arena circle to be hidden when contractor pause is disabled.
    • Tweaked UI scale option to be available in the display menu.
    • Tweaked player life conditions to include status in text.
    • Included landscape v2 foliage example files from Germany.
    • Fixed time of day condition to start at midnight rather than dawn.
    • Fixed UI scale issues with in-game map.
    • Fixed UI scale effect on worldspace player name labels.

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