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  1. Update Notes:

    • Accepted a small number of skins from the curated workshop which use the mesh modification feature.
    • Added Spirit zombie type which is bullet resistant. [Disabled by default, but they can be enabled in the advanced config.]
    • Added -disableModule/ModuleName command line option.
    • Added streaming audio plugin to Community Module by Trojaner25.
    • Improved nighttime lights to be moddable. [See /Objects/Medium/Furniture/Light_3. Requires a child named "Light"]
    • Tweaked examples to include more vines, as well as the barracks models.
    • Tweaked stat counter position on chainsaw to be more visible.
    • Tweaked chat to use non-rich color as default rich color.
    • Fixed an issue copying rich text in chat preview.
    • Fixed redirecting Cyrpus to Cyprus save.
    • Fixed defaulting to config available map.
    • [Cyprus] Fixed a mis-spelled location name.

    Update 3 of 3 to Greece which contains the full questlines has been growing continually complex, but should be on track for release soon. I've been chipping away at the task list for the next devlog, and am aiming to put a post up this weekend!

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