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  1. Update Notes:

    • [Greece] Added new airdrops. Non-deadzone airdrops are a great way to get gasmasks now.
    • [Greece] Added Nikaia Camp.
    • [Greece] Tweaked airdrop spawns.
    • [Greece] Tweaked general spawn balance.
    • [Greece] Fixed multiple locations where the player could get access underneath the map.
    • [Greece] Fixed all the wrecked vehicles that looked pristine, causing confusion amongst players.
    • [Greece] Fixed gasmask/filter spawns
    • [Greece] Fixed legacy LODs on Birch Tree.
    • [Greece] Fixed various quest issues.
    • [Greece] Fixed lighthouse hatch size.
    • [Greece] Fixed signs medium to small.
    • [Greece] Fixed Tent #3 LODs.
    • [Greece] Fixed Metaforce serverside collision.
    • [Greece] Fixed Police Jeep serverside collision.
    • [Greece] Fixed black lancer scope.
    • [Greece] Fixed several doors in multiplayer.
    • [Greece] Fixed missing quest assets.
    • Fixed not tracking explosive ammo kills.
    • Fixed backpack to switch from crafting when using stat counter.
    • Fixed issues with stat counters on holstered weapons.

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