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  1. Welcome to Greece:

    It's a holiday miracle: a brand new large survival map set in Greece from the team that brought you Hawaii!


    Now available to play in-game, Greece is launching with a completely different architectural style to any of the other maps and NPCs right out the gate! This is only the beginning as well - you can expect an expandalone arena map set on the nearby isle of Cyprus and the full NPC questlines coming in January!

    If you'd like to support the team behind this map and get your hands on some stylish Greek cosmetics check out the: Greece Mystery Box on the Stockpile

    As with every Unturned project your feedback is much appreciated and critical to its direction, so please be vocal with your thoughts, suggestions and ideas! You can e-mail the team directly at modz2much@smartlydressedgames.com or post on the Greece-specific Steam subforum, but chances are they'll see it no matter where you post.

    Update Notes:

    • Added Greece map.
    • Added Greece Mystery Box to the Stockpile.
    • Added flag math NPC reward type for advanced setups.
    • Added spawn animal command.
    • Improved all crates to show the approximate chances of receiving each item rarity.
    • Tweaked inactivity and packet spam kicks to get logged.

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