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Discussion in 'General' started by Cory, Sep 29, 2017.

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  1. Update Notes:

    • Added ability for arena maps to spawn players with items. For an example see Alpha Valley's config file.
    • Tweaked cloud rainyness/snowyness to be visible only in rain/snow volumes.
    • Tweaked compass UI to not conflict with gasmask.
    • Fixed unable to join group when max group size is 0.
    • Fixed bullets not going through decals.
    • Fixed marker color UI option formatting.
    • Fixed explosion obstruction check backwards.
    • Fixed missing yellow glider from Hawaii.

    This week I've been experimenting with the new character design for 4.x and getting some basic gameplay functional. I'm really excited about the new clothing system which uses meshes rather than textures:

    Walking with a White T-Shirt and Jeans:


    Falling with Black Leather Gloves and Brown Work Shoes:


    Another Perspective:


    My focus here is really on polishing and quality over quantity. Hopefully this post has been interesting! Next week I'm planning get back to work on some new content for 3.20.8.

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