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  1. Dango Map:

    Danaby2, creator of several wildly different maps such as the wild-west Canyon Arena, has now released his latest creation: Dango

    This map is set on a series of flying islands inspired by Japan, and intended to be played as a multiplayer deathmatch. It features a suite of insane new weapons like a fish launcher which fires backwards, and is definitely worth a visit in-game.

    Mystery Box Changes:

    As you may well know, it's been about two years since the last mystery box was added. Given the controversy around random items we focused instead on individually purchasable item bundles, however the older mystery boxes are still in high demand. To try and offer the best of both worlds, the new Dango Map Mystery Box is different from past boxes:
    • Collection of all items is available for purchase on the Stockpile, not just from the box.
    • Each item has an equal probability of being unboxed, and can be hovered over to see the percent chance.
    • Boxes have a 10% chance of dropping an additional bonus item e.g. kill counter.
    • Dango box is available on the Stockpile, and does not require a key.

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