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  1. Version Numbering:

    Going forward version numbers will follow a 3.{year}.{update}.{patch} pattern. In the past updates were split between "major" and "minor", but this lead to huge skips in version numbers when releasing several maps in a row. Unturned had been following the previous scheme for slightly more than 5 years, so this style was experimented with for map versions and Unturned II prior to commiting to it.

    • Files used by a server can be subscribed or unsubscribed from the sever info screen. Subscribing will keep the files up-to-date and save time joining the server.
    • Subscribed files can be enabled or disabled from in-game without uninstalling them. This menu is linked from the singleplayer workshop maps list, and the in-game workshop menu. Changes take effect the next time the game is started.
    General Improvements:
    • Included example server scripts on Windows and Linux.
    • Added ability to skip unboxing animation with Esc key.
    • Mouse-over items in mystery boxes to see individual probability.
    • Halloween and Festive menus, as well as promo menus as async loaded.
    • Rainbow jersey item was added to playtime drops.
    • Musical mythical effect minor adjustments.
    • Adjusted trophy skin gold/silver appearance.
    • Clarify refresh categories on server list.
    • Threaded console is no longer the default on Linux.
    • Has_Global_Electricity in level Config.json. All level config properties have now been documented in the U3-Docs repository.
    • Strings with >255 length are now replicated for custom UIs.
    • Level can override dropship model, see DefaultLevel.asset file.
    • EffectUI command can be used from server console.
    • All attachments can affect ballistic damage, not just magazines.
    • Allow_Manual_Drop item option.
    • Zombie difficulty assets can override stun values.
    • Marker text can be overridden by plugins.
    • Several issues with loading objects at the world border on "insane" map sizes were fixed.
    • Discoloration on top of Metal Bench #1 has been corrected.
    • Viewmodels and enemy models now properly work with >4 LODs, and game objects are found from the LODGroup renderers list.
    • Yukon sea level is disabled.
    • Beta invite is no longer marked as consumable.
    • Client locally marks box as used when repeatedly opening boxes.
    • Secondary weapon slot takes priority over primary when picking up items.
    • Workshop update config accepts rich text and should not be clobbered.
    • Case where kick/ban/shutdown might not have been sent was potentially fixed.
    Recent Events:

    MoltonMontro, a friendly and helpful guy you may have met in the community over the past few years, is now working with SDG in an official capacity. He's going to be helping out with a variety of projects like curated map quality control and community blog posts, as well as behind-the-scenes work he's been helping with for some time like maintaining the wiki and forum servers.

    Documentation for 3.0's modding features is now available from a main repository, and will be expanded over time for new features and write-ups on older features. This includes both plugins and assets. Most recently the level config properties have been documented. See Here[github.com]

    Edit: The .1 patch fixed an issue with LODs on a few items (e.g. dragonfang and bayonet) that was preventing them from being used due to the viewmodel changes. Canyon Arena has also been moved to the workshop, but is automatically subscribed in order to avoid breaking any dependent maps.

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