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Discussion in 'General' started by Godly~Warrior~SebKing1213, Aug 16, 2016.

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  1. In my base I have 10 lockers which is the maximum storage according to the rules of the server. However I am wondering if I am allowed to place metal rifle racks in my base even though I already have the maximum storage.

    Apparently the server has the right to destroy any container thats "over 10" so I want to know if a Rifle Rack counts as storage or if that will get my base demolished due to the rules.

    This would be important to me because I have no more space to store unless I start dropping important items, so I'm just hoping for maybe like 3 rifle racks to store guns and have my lockers as storage for everything else.

    Thanks guys, I hope you can help me out with this ASAP.
  2. Anything you can put items in is storage. If you open it up and it has the little boxes for item storage, it's storage. So yes, rifle racks count against you.
  3. Would it really be too much to ask if you could also have a max of 3 Rifle racks or even 5? I also want to know a little bit of the details behind the 10 container limit. Would having 20 containers in a base actually make an impact on the server at all?

    I am not trying to push rules as much as it looks like but I just want to know if they can be altered or if it actually has to be the way it is.
  4. Staff have discussed changing rules many times, but for now the 10 container limit sticks. As for going over, one person may not change it a lot, but believe me when I say two things- one, you wouldn't be the only one to go over that limit if you did. Can almost guarantee there's a handful of bases on every server over limit. Demoteam gets to these bases as soon as they possibly can- staff can't be on 24/7, nor can we monitor players 24/7. This isn't a 1984 type server. :p For two, you as an individual may not affect the server a whole whole lot, but when many people do, it does. Nor can we say one player can do it and all others cant. That's just one more thing for players to call administration abuse on.
    Thanks for playing on our servers and being active and respectful on the servers though! If you have more questions, I'll respond as soon as I can.
  5. Search the forums. It's been beaten to death. And no, there are currently no exceptions, even for staff.

    Use metal wardrobes -- they hold much more than a rifle rack.
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