PvE1 may be down for the count.

Discussion in 'News Archive' started by {WC}PistolPete, Jun 12, 2018.

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  1. As of today, 12 June 2018 at 4 PM Eastern Time, anyone who goes near Fernwood Farm gets disconnected. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but this may be the death knell that requires a map reset. :( :( :(

    Staff have been asking, then telling players to minimize barricades on vehicles, lighting on bases, storage full of empty magazines, flares and smoke, and just basically clustering bases one right next to the other to minimize lag and the need for a reset, however, with today's development, the server is pretty much toast.

    We tried. We cleared many abandoned bases, removed junk from cars, popped lighting, planters, thousands of plants but everybody just has to have to have that one last flare or plant that one last seed no matter how much lag it might cause.

    I've asked Cory to look into it but there is no timetable for repair.
  2. FYI Staff will be removing decorative barricades to include barbed wire, sandbags, tanktraps, wood and metal plates, flares, spotlights, cage lights, planters, plants, water tanks and mannequins in an attempt to thwart off a full reset.

    If you have a base on PvE1 it would be best tomove as far away from Gas Town/Fernwood farm as possible. Spread out, don't hoard empty magazines, flares, smoke grenades and other effecitvely useless items in storage. Keep only what you need to survive. A little food and water and a clothing/weapon loadout. Don't forget that with the shop and feasts there isn't much of a need to hoard anything as, in an emergency, one can buy a chart then run to the nearest feast and get quickly outfitted. Voting at unturned-servers.net and unturnedsl.com and collecting the /reward will also give you clothing and bits you can use in an emergency.
  3. Well it's not looking good. We removed almost all decorative barricades from bases and vehicles but players in general are ignoring us. Bases are still being built and clustered around the Fernwood Farm area up toward Alberton. This is the main cause of lag as all of the bases need to load to the client computer. The clearing of the decorative barricades isn't working either as players are simply substituting a different barricade for the ones that we remove. It's still a barricade.

    Without player cooperation in relocating bases, and removal of decorative barricades, PvE1 will be deleted and a fresh install will occur.

    Note that none of the lag is actually caused by the server. It's caused by network traffic as one enters or leaves the game draw distance of the bases. Unfortunately this information isn't stored on the client computer. It loads and unloads every time one moves across that threshold. There is also at least on game bug that has never been addressed after many bug reports.
  5. PvE1 has been wiped. It will restart around 6 PM Eastern Time 18 Jun 2018.
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